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Until now many devices, especially Nexus, had their own internal apps for managing wallpapers – basically a simple slideshow of images to choose from. With Android 7.0 this app has changed and can now be installed externally on any device regardless of what model it is.

Google Wallpaper Picker lets you choose from hundreds of wallpapers that download automatically once you select them. This means the app itself doesn't include the wallpapers, but requests them when you want to use one. You can even automatically download a new one every 24 hours.

The wallpapers are organized by themes, including bird's-eye-view landscapes, minimalist geometric compositions, and much more. And it still lets you use any image you have stored locally on your device as well.
How to get the best Google Pixel graphics on your smartphone

Android Nougat is already walking amongst us – at least for people who use a compatible device. Unfortunately loads of users of even relatively modern phones haven't gotten the update to version 7.0, meaning the only way to get some of the new features is by installing external apps or using other tricks. (Or installing unofficial ROMs, but that's another story.) In the meantime, here's a summary of everything you can install on your device to make it look like Google Pixel, with the best graphics from Android Nougat (which they say are something like the Second Coming in terms of excitingness).
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Google presents its new Andromeda OS

Dramatic announcements are ubiquitous in a tech world that's ever more cloyed in expectations. But Google's October 4 event was still pretty exciting as these things go, being the official presentation of the company's medium-term plan: its new Andromeda OS aims to unify Android and Chrome OS, and will attempt once and for all to make the jump to desktop devices alongside the new line of Pixel devices.
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Leaked! New official Android wallpapers app

A few days ago the official launcher from the new Android 7.0 Nougat was leaked. Today it's the turn of a complementary app to manage your smartphone wallpapers, including a default collection of a good handful of wallpapers organized by category. It corrects stability problems and crashes in the Nougat launcher, which makes this app practically essential if you're using it.
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To activate it, go to Settings > Screen > Wallpaper, and select the app.

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